Tuesday, May 31, 2011

21 Months Down!

One more down and one more closer to two and I already have ideas swirling in my head in regards to the birthday party! Most ideas in my head are revolving around a transportation theme since Josh loves loves loves school buses and big trucks! He is so enthusiastic about both. Every time he sees a school bus, he starts waving his hand so vigorously that he even managed to shake the car last week. When he spies a big truck, he immediately shouts out "big truck." Let's just suffice it to say that he was pretty much in heaven on the drive to Kansas City.

New words continue to burst forth every day. The other night Emma was counting something; she reached eight at which point Josh chimed in "nine, ten." I wasn't sure I heard right but after a few seconds I looked over at Brad and said "Did he just say nine, ten?" Brad said he heard it too but wasn't going to say anything. Unfortunately, one of the words that we frequently here now is "mine" so we're having to learn how to share. Of course, the main thing that Josh has trouble sharing with Emma right now is Mommy and Daddy but he'll come around. He also says "no" to almost every question whether he means it or not but that is actually quite comical and usually is not in response to asking him to put away toys, take a bath, etc.

Josh is so silly and makes the funniest faces and sounds. He definitely seems to have the gift for entertaining like his cousin Garret! Josh is also hugely obsessed with the broom and as soon as we go outside or as soon as we get home and he is out of the carseat, he heads directly for the broom so he can start sweeping. If only this enthusiasm would last.

This past month, Josh got to watch his cousin Thomas graduate high school. He is proving to be a pretty good little traveler even with only a one hour nap on the way up. However, he is not so good about sleeping when he is in the same room as us and has a burning desire to be right next to Mommy or Daddy and not in the crib. During the church service the morning of graduation, Josh fell asleep on my shoulder. Can't remember the last time that happened and while it threw off his schedule even further, I won't deny that I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, this month, Josh also had to endure a double ear infection with a burst eardrum. I still do not understand how his ears were proclaimed clear on Wednesday only to burst by Saturday and I will guarantee that they burst on Friday if not Thursday evening but thankfully a round of antibiotics and he was back to his normal self. All in all, it has been another great month and we just can't wait to see what Josh comes up with this month.

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Grandma said...

Loved seeing the little Cardinal's fan, and reading about Josh's latest interests and accomplishments. Pretty awesome that he continued to count after 8.