Friday, August 12, 2011

A Couple of Notes about Josh

First, a few words about the big boy bed. My intention has always been to keep Josh in the crib until at least age 10 or so but he had different ideas. It had gotten to the point where he would start crying inconsolably at bedtime and nap time. I mentioned to Brad that Emma had done the same thing right before we moved her out of the crib. A couple of weekends ago, Emma and I were out to lunch with some friends and Josh started crying again at nap time so Brad decided to see what would happen if he put him on Emma's bed. He settled down immediately and after a couple of minutes was out so the decision was made and that night, he slept in his big boy bed for the first time. Thankfully the novelty of piling all of his stuffed toys and blankets into the bed has worn off. However, that has been replaced by his desire to only sleep on the pillow on the floor in front of his bed. I usually end up moving him to bed later in the evening. We might just have to go ahead and get him a twin bed so we can add a railing and then maybe he will sleep in bed. Whether on the floor or in bed, moving him out of the crib took care of the crying and he is back to the point where he will go to sleep without somebody patting his back or holding him for several minutes.

Every Thursday morning, the kids go to Chapel. Apparently yesterday morning, Josh's class was extra talkative. Over all the talking, Pastor asked if anybody was wearing yellow. Josh grabbed his shirt and above all the other voices yelled out "yellow." This just illustrates to me again that Josh doesn't like to perform on demand because we try to work with him on colors and sometimes he will get them right but sometimes he just doesn't care. I've got his number now though and have learned that he also always identifies blue and black and sometimes orange. I also realized this week how adept he is at putting together puzzles with the chunky blocks and that he will eat watermelon at school even though he turns up his nose at home. I will definitely attribute his distaste with watermelon at home to his sister's reaction. Only a little over two weeks to his second birthday!

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