Friday, August 19, 2011

End of the Year Party!

Last Friday we celebrated the end of another school year at Grace with a little program where the kids got to sing some of their favorite songs. Emma sang her little heart out, which is no surprise as she loves an audience. Josh, on the other hand, had a bit of stage fright so he just sat in Ms. LeeAnn's lap and took it all in. After the program, we got to enjoy some treats with their friends and teachers. It was sad saying goodbye to our wonderful freshman teachers and we'll miss Mrs. Hillary and Collin but we are looking forward to the new year and new opportunities for our sophomore and junior. Unfortunately not all of the teachers were there but here are a photos of the kids and a few of their teachers from the last year.

Josh and Mrs. Jennifer! We actually got a smile here since he was distracted with the tennis ball. Josh was not so into pictures as you'll see below since Mommy was present. If Mommy is nearby, he usually does not want to be handed off to anybody else except maybe Daddy.
Shake 'N Bake and Mrs. Brandy
Josh and Mrs. Dawn
Josh, Emma and Mrs. Hillary
Emma and Mrs. Sarah

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