Sunday, August 28, 2011

Josh's Birthday Weekend!

It has been a three day long celebration for Josh's 2nd birthday! The party got a kick start on Friday with ice cream at school with his friends. Emma was able to come over and join in on the fun. Since Brad and I couldn't make it, we had to count on Emma for the recap. I asked what Josh did when all of his friends sang to him and from the sounds of things, he didn't know quite what to make of the attention. However, they all enjoyed the ice cream!

Last night we had beer (juice boxes for the kids), barbecue from Whole Hog, and cake with friends. The kids all had lots of fun playing together although I guess I dropped the ball because Libby was hoping to go on an adventure like we had for Emma's Dora party last year. Guess I better start planning for her 4th so I don't disappoint. Thankfully Libby didn't dwell on the lack of adventure and still had fun. Josh had a school bus birthday cake this year, which I somehow did not manage to get a photo of while it was intact. He may not fully grasp this whole birthday thing but he did love blowing out the candle. He also got into unwrapping gifts after the first couple and received some really great new toys from his friends. Emma also had a great time and had to do a bit of entertaining for anyone who would listen or was just within earshot.

For his actual birthday today, Josh got to open more presents, blow out candles again and wrap up the day with a little swimming! All in all, I think he had a great weekend. A complete post recapping the last month to come after his 2 year check-up on Tuesday!

It had been 2 months since Josh saw Heather and we weren't sure he was ever going to let her put him down again!
The wheel on the bus tastes oh so good!

Do you think he liked his new tricycle?
We can't let it just be all fun and games around here!

The birthday boy and "sissy!"
Emma giving her brother a hand.

Loves his new Mick Mouse!

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Grandma said...

These photos will be great for Josh to see in future years on just how much he enjoyed his second birthday. Al are so cute, but especially one one of Josh with his new bike. Liked it..I think so!!