Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sunday in the Park

Since Libby was going to be in town last weekend, I arranged with Kacy to meet for lunch and then some park time afterwards. I was on the verge of spilling the news to Emma when Brad stopped me and said to let it be a surprise. He couldn't have been more on the mark. We got to the Buffalo Grill right before Libby so they pulled in right after I got Emma out of the car. I asked if she recognized the vehicle and she said no but as soon as Kacy got out, she knew what that meant, shouted "Libby" and went running over. There was an older couple walking through the parking lot at the same time who thought it was so cute how excited Emma was to see Kacy but soon realized it wasn't really about Kacy. About that time, Libby was released and those girls gave each other the biggest hug! Libby said at lunch that it was the best lunch ever. Afterwards, we headed over to our park where the kids got to play for a bit before we headed out for naps or in our case, no naps. We're so glad that we still have opportunities to see the Welch family!

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