Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dance Recital

Emma 's spring dance recital was the weekend of Brad's birthday and also the Tour de Rock 100 mile bike ride.  Thankfully for Brad, the weather was much more conducive to 100 miles in the saddle than it was the year before and he managed to knock quite a bit of time off the previous year while still feeling like he had some pop left in his legs.  We did get to see him around mile 9 down at the River Market.  Emma and Josh loved watching all the cyclists fly past them.  After we caught Brad, the kids and Brad's parents walked around the Clinton Library grounds a bit while I raced home to get Emma's costume for her rehearsal. 

Yes, I managed to get everything into the car other than the costume.  After I returned, we all headed over to the rehearsal.  Brad's parents and Josh sat up in the audience and watched all the dances.  Josh did great and loved seeing the dancers.  Emma's class did a tap dance to "Talk to the Animals" and it was adorable!  I managed to get a few photos from the rehearsal.

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