Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fun in West Plains

Both Emma and Josh were so excited to go to Libby's house on the way home from St. Louis. Don't know if it was the thought of different toys or what but they had a great time. I will say that all the kids got along so well the entire weekend. There were a few little moments of course but overall, they did great especially with a lot of late nights. I think Emma and Josh's favorite thing at Libby's house was her jeep. Josh was happy to be the passenger even when his crazy sister was driving. The big girls got to have a sleep over in Libby's room, which was just the best in Emma's mind. It was definitely a fun Memorial Day weekend and Emma did not want to leave Libby on Monday morning. We hope we didn't overstay our weekend since we'll definitely have to head back to West Plains some time.

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