Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So Proud!

This big kid is so excited and so proud of himself for good reason.  Thanks to him being so big, I have bought my last package of diapers.  Woo hoo!  After Emma potty trained, we took her to the toy store to pick out a special present.  Of course we had to do the same for Josh and he was a hoot in Toys R' Us.  I don't know how many toys he picked and then when he was asked if that was what he wanted would respond "maybe not" and put it back.  I really did not think we were ever going to leave and he had one of the women working there cracking up.  Josh finally ended up with an army jeep with some soldiers, a police car and a police riot squad truck with two police officers.  He did have some buyers remorse the next day and is really hoping for a helicopter for his birthday.  We are very proud of our big boy!

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