Friday, July 5, 2013

Brad's Birthday

Brad may have received one or two items for his birthday that were not a surprise this year but there were a couple that were definitely a surprise since the kids went shopping with me online.  Emma selected a Cardinals front license plate.  Unfortunately I didn't realize until after the fact that neither vehicle has mounts for a front plate.  I'm not sure what Josh thought he was choosing, maybe a flashlight, but his selection was a lens cleaner for the camera so something useful at least.  Emma decided that Brad would like a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (she definitely knows her Daddy).  I mixed things up a little and did a chocolate chip cake with some help from the kids.  With a little help from Bo and Gram who were in town, the house was decorated complete with streamers and balloons for when Brad got home and the party was on.  The one goal this year was to get some photos of the kids with Brad on his birthday.  We hope he had a great one even though he did have to work and grill his own burgers. 

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