Friday, July 5, 2013

Father's Day

Since I had to leave around noon for a one week work trip, we decided to skip church on Father's Day and take Brad out to breakfast.  Before that, however, he had to open his presents.  Josh colored him a mug at school and filled it with candy.  Emma's class made tie dyed aprons and she got to write a special message on it.  Our main gift to Brad was a ticket to go see the Cardinals on July 20th.  Of course, the gift was a little selfish since Jeff also got one, which means we get to go up and spend some time with the Welch family that weekend.  After breakfast at Mimi's, we came back home and took some photos before they took me to the airport.  I guess that was the final, ultimate gift, his children for one whole week.  Fortunately VBS kicked off Father's Day night and ran through Thursday so Brad only really had to worry about feeding them one night.

Photo Bomb!

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