Monday, July 1, 2013

Pinnacle Mountain

Memorial Day morning, we met Meredith and Juliana at Pinnacle Mountain for a little hiking.  While we did have to take quite a few breaks, the kids did great and it got to the point that the summit was within reach so we had them push forward.  We did also have to stop for every dog since Emma and Josh (Emma especially) are now obsessed with dogs.  They all did amazing and all three kids made it to the top for the first time.  The bad part in my mind was that we now had to get them back down the mountain, which is a little tricky for a while with all the large rocks to be navigated.  I had helped Josh on the way up so Brad suggested switching up on the way down.  I jumped at that and was glad I did because that boy even made Brad nervous coming down and there were a few points where it was just easier for Brad to carry him.  We all made it down with no injuries and then had some fun on the playground before saying goodbye.


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