Thursday, November 7, 2013

BDB 100

On September 28th, Brad rode the metric 100 as part of the BDB 100 bike ride.  The kids and I did not get over to the start line to see him off but we did get down to the finish line to watch him come in.  I completely misjudged the time so much to their chagrin, we had to kill a little time by taking a walk along Main Street in North Little Rock and then going for donuts.  I am pretty sure even though I announced it to them both that I was the only one that actually saw Brad come in.  Once we finally caught up with him, I tried to get the kids to take a photo with Daddy.  Josh jumped right in as soon as I offered him $1; Emma took a little more convincing but I was finally able to get them all in the same frame. 


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