Thursday, November 7, 2013

Daddy's Little Helper

Brad has been working on changing out all of our interior doors.  Josh has been very interested since it involves lots of tools.  While Brad was hanging one door, Josh brought out his tools so he could help but was disappointed by the fact that they didn't actually do anything.  At this point, Brad asked if Josh wanted to help drive the screws with the electric screwdriver.  He was all over that!  Since that first night, Josh has helped hang most of the doors when Brad is ready and has learned what needs to be done in which order.  I think it is so great that he is working with Brad and learning how to be a little handy man.  Like Josh with soccer, Emma is not interested or Brad would be happy to let her help as well.

Trying his toy screwdriver and discouraged by its lack of performance!

The real deal!  Please excuse the poor little red neck; big fail at the HarvestFest!

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