Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fire Station Field Trip

The Senior class at Grace got to visit Fire Station #10 today followed by lunch out at Cheers in the Heights.  Josh and his friends were so excited and a visit to the fire station is always super fun.  One of the firemen put on all of his gear to take a photo with the kids.

Josh, Ross, Anna Beth and Pierce

After the trip to the fire station, it was time for lunch with Ms. LeAnn and Ms. Colleen.  Yesterday they spent some time talking about restaurant manners as well as their menu options.  They got to choose from a cheeseburger, hot dog, chicken strips or grilled cheese.  Beverage choices included water, milk, and Sprite.  As it turns out, Josh said that the restaurant was out of hot dogs but he had already decided on chicken strips the night before.  At the end of the meal, they each got their own bill and got to pay by themselves, which Josh thought was just the best thing ever.  The report from Ms. LeAnn was that he was so good.  I know he enjoyed his morning and hopefully they can have a few more fun field trips like this before the year is over.

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