Thursday, March 27, 2014


Last week, I traveled to Dallas for a conference.  The conference was held at the convention center and downtown hotels.  I have to say that Dallas is the weirdest downtown.  In other big cities, there are constantly people on the streets throughout the day and night.  In Dallas, other than tourists and chemists, seems like everybody drives in, stays in their building, then goes home.  Just odd!  Anyhow, late Tuesday afternoon, I walked over to Dealey Plaza.  The 6th floor of the book depository has been turned into a museum.  I decided to go check the hours thinking they would be closed but as luck would have it, they were open until six so I had plenty of time.  The museum offers a guided audio tour, which was worth the price of admission.  While you can't take photos on the 6th floor, you can go up to the 7th floor and get the approximate positioning of Lee Harvey Oswald.   I texted Brad a photo from the window, which made him jealous and then he asked, would the shot have been possible.  I have to say yes to that but the conspiracy theories will always abound. 

The following day I had a couple of hours to kill before my airport shuttle after checking out from the airport so I headed over to the Dallas Museum of Art.  The first exhibits were contemporary art, which I just do not get.  One was a canvas draped with a sheet and a rake pushing up against the sheet.  Another was a still photo of fruit in a bowl.  The photo was in a white frame and on the glass had been placed some black polka dots.  I guess the other thing I don't get is how people were talking seriously about these things but to each their own.  Fortunately there was much more art to enjoy.  It was definitely good to be home though.

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