Monday, March 3, 2014

February Snow

The first week of February Brad had a trip to Seattle.  He left Tuesday morning, which started off with some freezing rain.  Thankfully he was able to get to the airport before it really got going and had no problem with his flights.  The kids and I had a "snow day" but fortunately by afternoon, the freezing rain switched over to just rain and the roads were good to go.  We even got to have Ross and Avery come play for a couple of hours.  Since Brad was gone, leaving behind the less confident winter weather driver, Mother Nature wasn't done with us.  Snow was predicted for Friday starting early evening.  About 1 pm, the public schools all started closing early although now one flake had fallen from the sky.  Emma's school decided to complete the school day and just close Wildcat Club at 4 instead.  After I picked up the kids, we headed to the library and when we left there shortly before 5 o'clock, the flurries had started.  About an hour later, the roads were covered with snow, which wasn't ideal since Bo and Gram were flying in and due to arrive at ~9:30.  The snow kept piling up but their plan landed on schedule and after a 45 minute drive, they made it safely to our house; they managed to miss all the numerous accidents and abandoned vehicles on the side streets. 

Emma and Josh were so excited Saturday morning to get out and play although they lasted maybe 20 minutes.  After nap/rest time, everybody headed out except Josh.  Emma took some rides down the hill on the sled that our neighbor, Judi, had brought down.  I finally convinced (bribed with hot chocolate) Josh to come out and join the fun.  He was glad he did since he enjoyed the sled.  Bo and Gram were helpful in clearing the driveway by sweeping away the snow.  The nice thing was that the roads pretty well cleared up by late afternoon so Brad had no trouble getting home that night.  As much as I'm over winter, it was good that the kids got at least one snow this year since everything else has pretty much been icy and not good for playing.

Sunday afternoon, we all headed down to the Museum of Discovery.  The adults as well as the kids had fun with all the exhibits.  On Monday, Josh got to stay home with Bo and Gram while Emma had to go to school.  She did get to have three visitors for lunch though, which she really enjoyed.  In spite of the weather, it was a good visit all around.

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