Thursday, March 27, 2014


The Senior class at Grace has a new class pet and his name is Rover.  Now that Rover has spent some time getting to know all his friends, he gets to spend the weekend with one friend at a time.  Along with Rover comes a journal that we can record all the things he did over the weekend and post photos.  Josh was the first one to get to take Rover home and we hope we showed him a good time.  Friday night, he went to dinner with us at Buffalo Grill where he saw a buffalo head on the wall.

Saturday morning, Rover partook of a little soccer and may have ended up with a bit of green fur from the green hairspray.  Oops!

 Saturday afternoon, we went to the library and Josh read Rover a couple of Lego books.

Sunday morning, Rover came to church and Josh tried to blame him for being too loud although I think we can all guess who it was that was really too loud.  We rounded out the weekend with a trip to the Children's Theater to see "The Boy Who Cried Wolf".  We loved having Rover with us even with the accompanying journal.  

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