Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter 2014

On Good Friday, Brad headed up to Cole Camp for a quick trip to take some senior photos of Garret.  The kids and I hung back here and had lots of fun.  We finally got to the zoo to see the baby tigers.  Emma was invited to a party at Heidi's house that night so after we dropped her off, Josh and I went to IHOP for dinner.  Somehow I mentioned to him that there were church services and he insisted we go but would not go in his shorts and t-shirt.  After a quick trip to Children's Place for appropriate attire, we attended service before picking up Emma.  Saturday was go, go, go.  First to t-ball practice, then to soccer.  After a grocery run, we headed over to church for the Egg Dash.  By the time we got home, they were done.

The Easter bunny was tricky this year and hid the baskets in the tent in the play room.  However, he did leave a trail of eggs to the basket.  Emma totally missed the point of the eggs and was mad thinking that he just spread around used eggs and left them nothing.  Josh caught on and followed the trail to the baskets.


After church , Brad did get a few photos of the kids.  Since Brad had been gone, we decided just to stay home, which was the better option since I think Emma was exhausted from the weekend activities.  We did make some Resurrection rolls and do an Easter egg hunt during the afternoon.  Overall, it was a fun weekend with great weather.


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