Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Josh is playing t-ball for the first time this season.  He is playing on the Pirates, which hurt Brad a little bit but it could be worse and it could have been the Cubs.  Unfortunately, Josh missed his first game due to a foot injury although he was a trooper and still went out to the field to support his teammates.  Thankfully he had a week in between games, which gave his foot plenty of time to heal and he was ready to go.  In the Astro League, every child bats each inning and takes one base at a time.  The last batter of the inning gets to clear the bases.  Everybody also plays in the field and the major goal this year is to have them field the ball and make a good throw over to first.  Josh is really enjoying it and is the cutest Pirate although he would be upset to know I called him cute.


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