Tuesday, April 29, 2014


In March, Emma's friend Heidi's Mom asked if Emma would be interested in playing softball and if I would be interested in coaching.  Our third coach is Ms. Neesvig, Juliana's Mom.  After much debate since it was an additional item on our schedule, we decided to give it a go.  She is playing on the Hot Shots in the Hillcrest League.  The league is extremely low key, which is good and bad.  Good in the fact that there are no practices but bad in the fact that there are no practices and we could use a few.  Our girls range in age from six to nine.  Games are Monday and Wednesday nights although five weeks into the season, we have yet to play on a Monday night thanks to rain, rain and more rain.  Emma has really taken to softball and has improved every week especially in her throwing ability.  She is already asking to play again next year and enjoys that I am one of her coaches unless of course, I give her any kind of direction.

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