Thursday, July 29, 2010

11 Months Old

It is time to play catch-up a bit and no better place to start than with an update on the now 11 month old little boy. As Josh enters his final month of "babyhood", the count still stands at 6 teeth. Other than oatmeal with fruit in the mornings, baby food is a thing of the past and the boy loves his meat. Oh, how he loves his meat, which is funny because it still takes some cajoling to get Emma to eat meat unless it is on pizza of course. The other thing that he loves is applesauce and smacks his lips after a bite. Josh loves to stand and chases people around the room so that he can pull up on them and nobody is safe. As long as there is a warm body and it doesn't matter whether he knows them are not, they are fair game. He is quite the chatty little guy and I will swear that last weekend he said "hello" back to Lesa and I while we were in the car. This morning at breakfast Josh was playing "peek-a-boo" and I will also swear that he said "peek-a-boo" back to me. He is really starting to point at things and somewhere has gotten the idea of how to use a pen or marker. Brad and I first noticed this one night while he and Emma were in the bathtub. He got hold of one of her bath markers and was holding it correctly and then making some writing motions. I gave him a crayon the other day and before he tried to eat it, he put it to paper and did a little "drawing". He also picks up his brush or comb and fixes his hair. He has become quite the challenge to change and dress but there is so much to do and so little time. I am sure that Josh will have all kinds of new tricks for us over the next month and we're so looking forward to eating cake and celebrating his first year!

This is fun...
...or maybe not!
Look Ma, one hand!
Animal cracker face!

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