Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Because...

I have been too busy lazy by the time we actually get our two little monkeys to bed to upload new photos and videos, this blog has been neglected. Since I still haven't uploaded new photos and videos (including the little man walking with his push toy), I will leave you today with two quick Emma stories.

Yesterday we pulled into the garage and Emma says, "When I get bigger, I'll sit in Mommy or Daddy's seat up front and listen to 'Jesus Loves Me'. When Daddy gets smaller, he'll sit in my seat." This morning she also said that Josh would sit up front with her which I guess relegates Brad and I to the backseat. However, she did agree to drive Josh to wherever he needs to go and do the grocery shopping.

There is a house we pass by every day on our way to daycare that has a statue of the Virgin Mary in the yard. I am not sure that Emma has ever taken notice before and apparently the Virgin Mary looks like Jesus because as we passed by today, Emma shouts out "Jesus! Mommy, I saw Jesus!".

More updates to come soon!

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