Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Party Weekend #1

Last Saturday, Emma and I headed down to Riverfront Park for her friend Collin's birthday even though his actual birthday isn't until December. Rather than trying to plan a celebration with a lot of energetic preschoolers in the winter, his Mom is smart and celebrates his half birthday in June. Emma absolutely loves playing in the fountain at Riverfront Park and we have made several trips down there recently. It is definitely a great place to get some relief from the hot summer we have had so far. Emma had lots of fun with her friends, cupcakes (although she only ate the icing of course), and bubbles. Unfortunately the poor thing may have been traumatized by her first trip into a port-a-potty but there was no other option in the vicinity. Not surprisingly, she suddenly lost the urge to go and did manage to hang on until we got home later. For days afterwards, she kept asking me why the potty was so yucky. Enough potty talk and onto the pictures!

Emma & the 1/2 Birthday Boy!

Channeling the Incredible Hulk?
"Bubbles, Do I See Bubbles?"
Caught Off Guard!

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Grandma said...

I am with Emma on the port-a-potty. Looks like she is having a ball in the fountain. Great way to keep cool.