Monday, September 20, 2010

Brown Sugar

For all you parents, you know that preparing meals is complicated by the constantly-under-foot-need-to-be-right-with-you-children. So last week, I headed over to the pantry to retrieve a key component for dinner and of course, I had Josh hot on my heels. He is obsessed with the pantry and the refrigerator and the dishwasher but at this moment, it was the pantry. Anyhow, so Josh is right there at my feet trying to get anything within reach and manages to knock over the Tupperware full of brown sugar. Lucky for Josh, the fall to the floor pops the lid off and brown sugar spills everywhere. In fantasy world, being the responsible mother that I am, I immediately scooped up the little one and cleaned up the spill before any trouble ensued. In the real world, once I realized that the brown sugar had spilled, Josh had already had his first taste and was enamored. I then either A) scooped him up and cleaned up the sugar or B) ran downstairs, grabbed the camera, took some photos, and then let Emma in on the fun.

Obviously I went with option B!


MaryBeth said...

You definitely made the right choice! They are both adorable with the brown sugar on their little faces!!!

Linda Alyce said...

good choice Mom. I love the pictures!

Grandma said...

Can life get any better? Lin and I cracked up at these pictures.