Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Introducing Mr. Nathan!

Let me introduce you to Mr. Nathan.

Now, if you are confused, I know that Mr. Nathan looks a lot like Emma but at this moment, she had assumed the persona of Mr. Nathan. Mr. Nathan is a gentleman that comes to her school on an almost weekly basis; he plays the guitar and sings. In fact, it is Mr. Nathan who introduced Emma to the song "Yellow Submarine". Emma loves to pretend to be Mr. Nathan and has a particular voice that she uses when she is acting as Mr. Nathan. She also says to us "Good Morning Everybody" and then proceeds to tell us what we are going to sing. I don't know much about Mr. Nathan other than what I have already stated. I asked Emma if he was old like Bo (sorry Bo) or young like Daddy. She responded that he was young like Daddy and Daddy said that I was sucking up so then I asked if he was old like Daddy or young like Mommy and was told that he is old like Daddy. I would say that Mr. Nathan's real age lies somewhere in the range of 20-80. Emma has definitely been getting a kick out of Mr. Nathan's visits and picking up on a lot. You can't tell from the picture but she had to have a pick for her guitar, which she stored behind the guitar strings when not playing. At her feet is her "sheet music". I think Josh loves all that Emma is picking up from Mr. Nathan as well.


MaryBeth said...

I love it!!

grandma said...

Seems like Emma will have a talent for guitar playing like her Uncle Paul. Good choice for music too. Very cute!