Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Morning Conversations

Background 1: Emma and I sitting at the table having breakfast. I am eating my cereal while Emma is eating her turkey and cheese sandwich. I know, not the typical breakfast fare but that is what she wanted and it did provide some protein, calcium, and carbs to get her through the morning.

Emma: Can I have a bite of your cereal, please?

I gave Emma the bite and then asked if she would like another one, which elicited the following response:

Emma: I just wanted one bite and I got my one bite so I am good.

What I can't capture in words is the way that her little hands were moving and waving all around as she was telling me that she was good. I wonder where she picked that one up?

Background 2: Emma sitting around in her sunglasses.

Emma: Mommy, these are my running sunglasses. You have running sunglasses too.
Me: Yes I do and I am going to wear them when I go for a run at work today.
Emma: Are you going to run at work today?
Me: I'm going to try unless something comes up.
Emma: What might come up at work?
Me: Well, sometimes there are things that my boss needs me to get done right away.
Emma: (With total sympathy for the working person as if she has had a job all her life) Yes, sometimes things do come up when we are at work.

I'm sure that I haven't done either of these conversations true justice but she really makes me laugh! Coming soon 5 random things about Joshua and 5 random things about Emma.


MaryBeth said...

Even though I've never had the pleasure of meeting Emma in person I can completely visualize the breakfast table conversation. She really takes are her mom... at least when it comes to talking with her hands.

Grandma said...

Emma is so smart and entertaining. She knows how to provide a good laugh.