Thursday, September 30, 2010

Josh vs. the Volcano

Let's start with the recap of how Josh hurt his leg according to Emma:

"We were out playing in my volcano. Josh sat on his bottom, then he stood up and stepped down and got a boo boo on his leg so he had to get a band aid."

Obviously in Emma's scenario, the volcano one and to clarify, the volcano is actually the playhouse but Emma's infatuation with Dora the Explorer transforms every day things into Dora-related adventures.

Now, here is the recap of how Josh hurt his leg without the tie in to Dora. Brad, Emma and Josh were outside enjoying the nice weather and playing in Emma's playhouse. Emma and Josh were up in the playhouse and Brad was getting ready to bring them inside. Where Josh was, there is about a 10-12 inch step down. Brad was holding his hand to help him down and Josh made it look like he was going to sit down and then scoot off. Apparently he changed his mind because he thinks he is a lot bigger boy then he is and just stepped down. When he stepped down, Brad said he came down kind of flat-footed on that left leg. Being a new walker, my guess is he probably came down with his knee locked and didn't cushion the leg by flexing the knee and the shock is what caused the fractures.

Fortunately the little guy is coping as well as possible although he is extremely frustrated by the fact that he is not allowed to stand up. Poor guy just really started walking and now he is not allowed. I just hope this won't set him back too far. We see the orthopedist next Thursday. Hopefully at that point, they will put a cast on his leg and then he can start bearing some weight on that leg. The bad news is that until he can bear some weight, he is not really welcome at daycare so fingers crossed that he will get the green light next week in part for the daycare issue but really for his sake as well. I want to see more of this real soon.

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