Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Fun

Emma and Josh both had big days at school for Valentine's Day. Emma's class had a pajama party with lots of treats including cake pops courtesy of yours truly. According to Emma, the rest of her class enjoyed them as well and since I gave her a sneak preview and caught her reaction yesterday, I am not surprised if they went over big. Josh's class went a different route and had a Sock Hop. How I would have loved to see his class bopping around in their 50's wear today. To top off all the fun, you should have seen the loot they both came home with! Guess I'll have to take on the difficult task of sorting through the candy to take out anything they don't need. Josh wasn't feeling totally cooperative this morning but here are a few photos of our little 50's greaser and his pajama clad sister. I did try to roll an empty raisin box in Josh's sleeve but he wasn't too sure about that. We should have gotten a photo at the end of the day because Josh's hair was something else by that point. Happy Valentine's Day!

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