Friday, April 29, 2011

Some Josh Funnies

I have mentioned several times that Josh loves to imitate his sister but it doesn't just stop there. A couple of weeks ago, we lost power during one of the storms that came through. After the tornado sirens stopped sounding and the kids were back in bed, I called the power company to report the outage although I know I wasn't the first. Some time early that morning before the sun came up, Josh ended up back in bed with me and once he woke up, I decided to check the status of our outage. Josh sat there and watched me holding the bill while dialing the electric company on my cell phone. Once I was done, Josh decided it was time for him to play with the cell phone. He has a lot of people to check in with! Anyhow, he got off the bed to get the phone and then wanted back up so I obliged and lifted him back up. Immediately after I put him on the bed, he was down again. He went right over to where I had the bill sitting, picked it up and asked to get back on the bed. Now armed, he picked up the cell phone, looked at the bill and noticing that it was upside down, righted it and then proceeded to call the electric company! Too cute!

This morning during breakfast, Emma told me she was cold. I asked if she wanted her hoody and then went to get it and put it on. As soon as I walked back in with her hoody, Josh took off his bib and started saying "I col, I col." I asked if he needed his hoody and he responded with an emphatic "yes." Whether he was actually cold or not, which I sort of doubt, he had to be just like sister. It is definitely clear who is going to be one of his best teachers!

Not really so much a funny but just a cute story that Emma told us on the way home yesterday. She said that when her class went out to the play ground yesterday, Josh's class was still out there. He came running over to her and then saw some big trucks and had to go investigate. In Emma's telling, "Josh asked me 'What's that?' so I said 'big truck' and then Josh asked again 'What's that?' so I told him 'big truck.' I was helping my brother." Josh is a lucky boy to have such a wonderful big sister!

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