Sunday, December 4, 2011

Emma at 4!

There are times when Emma seems so much older than 4 years old in the way she speaks and acts. At the same time, she does have her moments when she is definitely 4 years old. She is so analytical in that she has to know the how and why of everything. For instance, with our Elf on the Shelf, "how is he magic?", "how does he get to Santa?", etc. She wants to know the ins and outs of everything, which makes me a little concerned that she'll be drawn towards the sciences as a career. However, while she does have to break everything down, Emma is also very creative and loves to draw, color, make crafts, sing, play instruments, and dance. I would definitely say that dance class is still her single most favorite activity. Emma also loves puzzles and games. She has easily mastered 24 piece puzzles and moved on to 48 piece puzzles, which also don't seem to present much of a challenge. She is loving learning how to write all her letters and numbers and likes to make lists. Her fine motor skills are excellent and she always tries to color inside the lines and is none too happy if she gets out of the lines. According to her teachers, she still does have an issue with gross motor skills but when you're a "growing machine" as Emma puts it, that is to be expected. I didn't get the exact measurements at her appointment last week but I think they said she was 41 1/4 inches tall (80th percentile) and just shy of 35 lbs (50th percentile). Assuming the girl grows into her feet, she is going to be tall. With that, here is our most recent Q&A with answers that have given previously denoted by a "*."

What is your name? Emma Grace Schnackenberg
How old are you? 4
When is your birthday? November 6th (close)
Where do you live? In Arkansas
Who is your best friend? Libby*
Who is your favorite friend (stuffed toy) to nap with? Baby Wilwy (I should note that poor Baby Lily was been banned from school since she is a total distraction to Emma during nap time. She was allowed to bring her back after doing well with napping and after one day, got her banned again.
What is your favorite thing to do with Mommy? Work puzzles & play games*
What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Watch shows
What is your favorite thing to do with Josh? Play*
What is your favorite thing to eat? Pizza*
What is your favorite breakfast food? Pancakes
What is your favorite fruit? Pineapple
What do you like for a snack? Fruit snacks
What is your favorite treat? Smarties*
What do you not like to eat? Couldn't think of anything but if you ask me, I would say anything I cook in the crockpot is immediately turned down
What is your favorite place to eat? The Purple Cow*
What is your favorite animal? Monkeys
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play games with Josh outside
What do you like to play with? Josh's toys
What is your favorite toy? Games
What do you like to watch? Dora* & Barney
What is your favorite book? "I Spy"
What is your favorite song? All the songs from the movie "Annie"
What is your favorite Bible story? Jesus healed the lepers
What is your favorite color? Pink & purple & yellow*
What makes you scared? Thunder*
What makes you sad? When Josh hits me
What makes you happy? When we go somewhere new
What is your favorite place to go? Downtown
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Mommy
What will you do in the winter? Play in the snow
What is your favorite game? I Spy
What makes you proud of yourself? When I try something new
What do you like to wear? Hello Kitty stuff
If you could have any pet, what would you choose? A Cat
What is your favorite movie? "Annie"

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