Thursday, December 8, 2011

Emma Story

The other night on the way home, the kids were on the lookout for Christmas lights. As we drove past a vet's office, I pointed out that the vet had lights. Emma then wanted to know what a vet was so we explained that it is a doctor for pets. She then told us that some day, she wants a cat and if it gets sick, we'll take it there. I told her that I had had a cat before and did take him to that vet when he was sick. She wanted to know if he had gone to see Jesus like their fish Franklin from school. I told her that he had and this next part is the good part. Emma then asked if an Angel had appeared to me and told me that some day I would have another cat. I told her that an Angel had not appeared so she said it was too bad that she wasn't there because she would have held up her Angel and told me that some day I would have another can and if it got sick, we would go to the vet. I think we need a cat; Brad disagrees! I told Emma she needs to work on her Daddy!

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Linda Alyce said...

I think a cute little tuxedo kitty is exactly what she needs. Bring Brad to meet Junior, then he will be hooked.