Thursday, December 29, 2011

Grace Christmas Program

We packed a lot into the week before Christmas so I'll try to catch everything up in chronological order. We started off the Friday before Christmas with the program at daycare. Unfortunately Josh had to sit this one out since he had run a fever the day before and was home from school. He did get to come along and watch the other kids although he was most interested in his big sis. This year Emma got to play an angle in what was advertised as "the best, shortest Christmas Program in Town!"

She certainly made a cute little angel and enjoyed singing the songs they had been practicing for several weeks. One of the hymns that they sang was "The Snow Lay on the Ground." The refrain is repeats "Venite adoremus Dominum" four times. Emma had been singing that at the house and when they got to the end of the song, she decided she wasn't quite done so while everybody else had stopped, Emma sang out "Venite adoremus Dominum." At that, Ms. Colleen said they could sing it one more time and we had one final refrain from "The Snow Lay on the Ground." After the program, we had time to visit with teachers and friends with plenty of goodies that the kids enjoyed.

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