Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bo Brooks Visit

On October 11th, Emma got to go on her first field trip at ECS to the pumpkin patch.  I am not sure if she was more excited about visiting the pumpkin patch or riding the school bus.  I made sure to get out the patch in time to see her get off the bus.  It was definitely a highlight for most of the kids.

There are three preK-4 classes and fortunately we were the only school group out there that morning.  They kept us divided by class so it wasn't too crazy.  Emma's class got to go on the hay ride first.  We saw scarecrows, ghost, witches, Santa Claus (yes, that's right, Santa Claus). 

After the hay ride, it was time to play in the hay maze and corn pit.

Next it was our turn to go out and find a pumpkin.  The owner tried to give us a lesson on making pumpkin pies using real pumpkin but despite his efforts, my pumpkin will continue to come out of a can.

Once the pumpkins had been picked and Mrs. Hill took them on a little tour of the patch explaining how the pumpkin grows, we got to go see the animals.

Mrs. Hill's PreK-4 Class 2012-2013
Row 1 (L to R): Noah, Kai, Emory; Row 2 (L to R): Mrs. Towe, Tate, Juliana, Blake, Gwen, Mrs. Hill; Row 3 (L to R): William, Lainey, Heidi, Cameron, Gwen, Anna; Row 4: Caanan, Emma
Finally, it was time for a snack and back on the bus.  We had a great morning and it was fun getting to see Emma with her new friends.

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