Thursday, November 8, 2012

Coach Brown's Team - Fall 2012

In addition to soccer, Josh has been playing basketball this fall.  There really wasn't supposed to be much overlap but due to rain, soccer season ran a little long.  Thankfully basketball is Wednesday and Saturday and soccer was Sunday so we didn't have to devote one whole day to sports; I'm sure those days are coming.  Basketball got off to sort of a rough start.  At the first practice, I pretty much had to be next to Josh the entire time and he wasn't too happy about participating.  He did come around a bit until the first game the following Saturday.  At that point, Josh's team only had five boys but on that day, they really only had four since the little redhead sat in his Mommy's lap the entire time and would not get on the court.  After that, we decided to see how it would go if I stayed away.  Lo and behold the next couple of practices and the next two games went great.  Josh got out and ran up and down the court.  At the last game, Brad said that he got the inbound pass at half court and dribbled it down to the basket where he ultimately got mugged by the other team but he tried.  Unfortunately Josh's team only has one kid that can make a shot but they are definitely learning some of the fundamentals and unlike the other teams they have played, Josh's team actually tries to dribble the ball rather than picking it up and running with it.  Thankfully, at age 3, every game is a win for Josh and he is really starting to enjoy being out there.  This coming Saturday, I am going to go watch so let's hope that he puts in the effort he has been without me.

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