Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We decided to let Josh give soccer a try this fall and signed him up for the 3 years and younger Fireflies program through the Arkansas Soccer Club.  In this program, one parent is on the field with the child and they focus on playing fun games to teach skills.  Some of the games included running out and picking up as many jerseys as possible.  They would also run out and kick over cones and then have to put them back up.  In addition, there was learning how to "tick tock" the ball, kicking into the goal off the tee and running an obstacle course.  The program was six weeks long and the first two weeks, Josh got off to a slow start, playing his shy routine.  I missed the third week and by the fourth week, he was a whole new player.  It was amazing to see how far Josh came over the six weeks.  Josh has great coordination and is really good at running and kicking the ball at the same time.  He also loves to score a goal!  At the last lesson, Brad had two separate coaches ask how old he was and say that they would really like to see him in the Little Kickers (3-4 year old program) in the spring.  One coach told Brad what a great job he was doing.  Best of all, Josh really enjoyed playing and is looking forward to the spring.   

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