Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Josh Goes to the Pumpkin Patch

The day before Halloween, I got to accompany Josh on his class trip to the pumpkin patch.  Whether it was because it was late in the season or what, there were far less classes there than when Emma's trip last year, which was nice.  Two of Josh's teachers, Mrs. Lois and Mrs. Christine, rode to the pumpkin patch with us and Josh could not have been more excited!  We had to wait a bit for our turn for the ride to the pumpkin patch so the kids started off their day with a little play time.  When they called our group, we all boarded the trailer and headed to the patch where the kids got to find their perfect pumpkin.  Josh may be quite indecisive when it comes to picking out a toy but he zeroed in on his pumpkin quickly and that was that.  Once everybody was happy with their choice, we headed back to the play area and had some more play time before lunch and heading home.  Josh and his friends definitely had a fun day and I know Josh crashed hard when we got back to school.

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