Thursday, February 28, 2013

3 1/2 Years Old!

Josh is 3 1/2 years old today so in honor of that, here are 10 things you need to know about our boy.
  1. Loves, loves, loves basketball and pretty much any sport that involves, throwing, kicking, shooting a ball.
  2. Remains a big Razorback fan but is also a big fan of the Cardinals, Wildcats, Tarheels and Jayhawks.
  3. Has been writing his own name for many months now and writes it very well!
  4. So excited at any chance to help Daddy with "guy" projects.  Josh had the biggest time with Brad at Home Depot last weekend and is still talking about how he helped carry the wood from the car.
  5. Still does not sleep through the night.
  6. Tells us every night at dinner that "I don't like veggies" but will eat them every night with a little help from Mommy or Daddy.
  7. Regardless of the outside temperature, Josh would be happy if I let him wear shorts and a t-shirt every day; these are the required clothing to play basketball after all.
  8. When he gets something in his mind, he is singularly focused.  For instance, when we were shopping for bikes and he settled on the first one he saw, for the next couple of hours, we kept hearing, "I'm still thinking about that blue bike."
  9. Tried to give up napping on weekends but that only let to major breakdowns in the early evenings.
  10. Cannot wait to be big and is fully confident that he is going to be the biggest in the house.  

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