Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Big Boy Bike

Josh has been due for a big boy bike for some time and every time we passed the bike store by the grocery store, he would ask to go in.  Of course, he was usually asking on a Sunday and they are closed on Sundays.  Since we were all home for MLK Day, we finally headed to the bike store.  We went to one store first and Josh loved a blue bike that he tried out.  In the car and throughout lunch, he kept telling us that he couldn't stop thinking about that blue bike.  After lunch, we did head over to Chainwheel near our house just to see if there was anything else he liked.  Once there, the blue bike was forgotten and we came home with a blue, silver and black Canondale.  Of course, once we got home with his 16" bike, we realized just how small Emma's 12" bike was for her; she looks a bit like a circus clown.  No need to worry though as that issue was recently remedied and she now has a 20" bike that is basically just a larger version of the clown bike.  We could not talk the girl out of her pink but now we need to focus on ditching the training wheels!

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