Wednesday, February 27, 2013

West Plains

Since we did not get to see the Welch's over Christmas, we found a weekend that we could head up to West Plains.  Emma was so excited to go up and see Libby.  Our plan was to leave mid-afternoon on a Friday so Emma still went to school that day.  Her teacher emailed Brad and I to say that as Emma was unpacking her backpack, she looked in her snack bag and said "A chocolate granola bar and I get to see my best friend.  Is this day for real?"  We arrived in West Plains around dinner time and the girls were so happy to be together.  While we were there, we did check out the new bounce place in town and got in a little outdoor play even though it was cold.  The girls were just happy to play together and Josh was happy to be left to his own devices for the most part.  Josh especially had a great time since Libby and Anna have swords that he basically claimed as his own and even slept with.  Unfortunately right before we left on Sunday, the girls had a little fight but they were both tired and I think sad to be saying goodbye.  It is just great to see Emma and Libby together and we'll definitely have to go back!

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