Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birthday Parties

We had several birthday parties in January.  Josh's best buddy Ross turned 4 and celebrated at one of the kids favorite places, the Wonder Place.  Ross's Grandpa is a farmer so he had a cake with a "Don" Deere (as Josh calls it) tractor mowing the wheat.  If that is not the correct description of farming, please remember I am a city girl.

Emma's friend Emory had a party at the skating rink.  The kids could bring anything on wheels and roller skates were available for use.  Emma brought her new scooter and did ride a bit.  She also enjoyed driving Emory's Barbie car and was much improved from the last time she drove Libby's car.  Emma did want to try out the roller skates and really got the hang of it with a little assistance.  I got on some roller skates as well and managed to stay upright.  Took me way back!  The party theme was Candy Land and every guest got their own copy of the game and got to fill up a bag with lots of yummy candy.

Another new friend of Emma's had her party at a yoga studio.  The kids got to practice some yoga poses and then play a game where they ran around during the music and then had to get into the yoga pose the instructor called when the music stopped.  They also got to do a craft and after cake and ice cream had relaxation time.  Let's just say that the instructor was a little frustrated with a couple of the boys who wouldn't settle down during relaxation time.  To be fair, they did just load up on sugar.  Emma loved the yoga party and wants to go back and take some lessons.

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