Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Emma's First and Second Games

After only one practice, the girls were thrown into competition.  Fortunately at this age, there aren't a whole lot of rules and I'm not sure they even really kept score.  Emma was definitely a bit nervous about her first game and did not want to go because she is so afraid of failure.  She told both Brad and I separately that she just wanted to be the best and all the other girls were better.  We both reassured her that as long as she tried, she was the best!  The first game was a balmy 37 degrees with snow flurry but the girls had a great time and were not as bothered by the cold as the adults.  Her smile says it all!

Thankfully the weather was a little more seasonable for the second game.  I missed it since Josh also had soccer but Emma had good fan support between Daddy, Papa and Mema.  She scored a goal and was so proud of herself!  


At the end of the games, they have all the parents and other fans make a tunnel for the kids to run through; so fun!

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