Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Soccer - Josh

Soccer kicked off for Josh the weekend after Emma.  He moved up to the next age group, which essentially means that they are doing the same drills with approximately 10,000 more kids (or so it would seem).  Several of Josh's friends from Grace are also playing this spring although he is in major denial about the girls.  He'll comment that Will and Ross will be out there and I'll add on Marion and Anna Beth at which point he shakes his head no and states "girls don't play soccer."  They have been splitting the kids up into 4-5 groups of ~15 kids and then they rotate between the different stations.  Josh is much more interested in the stations where he can practice kicking the ball than he is in kicking over cones or picking up pinnies; guess the excitement of those wore off after fall soccer.  We were hoping that they would start doing some 1 on 1 this spring but with the number of kids out there, I'm not sure that will happen. 


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