Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Soccer

After watching Josh play soccer in the hall, Emma's interest was piqued so we decided to give it a try this spring.  I will admit that I wasn't sure how it would go especially since the week before her first practice, she told me she was still thinking about it.  By that point, there was no thinking as the registration had been paid.  Emma is one of two new players on her team this season.  The team is primarily made up of girls from school and I think it really helped having friends on the team.  Emma is clearly on the right team as every single girl had either a completely pink or primarily pink ball!  The first practice went well and as it turns out, our previously clumsy little girl has figured out how to coordinate her feet and legs and looks the part of a soccer player.  I'm sure we'll see tons of improvement throughout the season. 

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