Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend with Papa & Mema

Episcopal held Grandparents/Special Friend Day on Friday, March 8th and fortunately the timing worked out that Papa and Mema were able to come down for the weekend.  There was a short program for all the guests and preK-4 sang two songs.  Afterwards, Papa and Mema got to head over to Emma's classroom and see some of her artwork and hear about all that she is learning.  The Lower School had early dismissal that day so Emma got to leave and spend an afternoon by herself with Papa and Mema.  Before heading home, they treated her to McDonald's and since she ate so well, some ice cream!  I think the remainder of the afternoon was devoted to reading books; Mema must have read at least 2 dozen.

As I mentioned previously, Papa and Mema got to see Emma play soccer the following morning and then they got to meet the oft-mentioned Libby Loo.  Unfortunately with everything else going on that weekend, we only got to spend a couple of hours with Kacy and the girls but Emma was over the moon to see Libby.

After our visit with our favorite West Plains Family, Emma and I headed to the JumpZone for a party and after a nap, Josh got some time with Papa and Mema.  Since it was such a beautiful day, they took advantage and played outside.

We had a great visit and Emma was so excited that she had her Papa and Mema there for Grandparents Day!

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