Monday, September 2, 2013

Florida 2013 - Day 5

Our last full day started off overcast and the waves were a lot higher and choppier so neither kid was interested in getting in the water.  We did spend some time building sand castles before heading up to the pool for a little while since the water was cold.  We did end up seeing some rain around lunch time and all the activities (pirates, mermaid and crafts) were moved inside.  By this point in the trip, it was okay since the kids were ready for a break whether they wanted to admit it or not.  We were scheduled for a dolphin cruise and thankfully the weather cleared and it was a beautiful night to be out on the boat.  Emma was exhausted but enjoyed seeing the dolphins and Josh loved being on the boat.  We got to see two different groups of 2-3 dolphins and both kids were great spotters.


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