Saturday, September 7, 2013

Friday Night Lights

The Episcopal Wildcats kicked off the football season on Friday night.  Brad and Josh had a night on the town (aka, dinner at Purple Cow) while Emma and I went with Meredith and Juliana to enjoy free gourmet hot dogs and watch a little football.  I should clarify that the only football Emma may have watched was while she was eating her hot dog and truthfully, she was probably only watching the cheerleaders.  After that, it was pretty much just running and having tons of fun with her friends.  She is a total social butterfly!  I have a feeling she'll be begging me to go back to more games throughout the season.  These photos that Meredith took makes it look like the kids were actually interested in the game but they really represent the 10 minutes that Emma sat while we were there.  
Emma & Juliana Pre-Game
Lainey, Juliana & Emma

Lainey, Juliana, Tate & Emma
Lainey, Juliana, Tate & Emma

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