Thursday, September 5, 2013

Grace End of the Year Program

On August 16th, Grace had their graduation/promotion.  Thankfully I was able to pick up Emma right after school so she could come over and join in the program since she had been at Grace for the summer.  The juniors and seniors came in first with Josh, Ross and Baron joined at the hip.  The juniors received their certificates first.  At some point during this process, Josh needed to be separated from Baron since they were being typical boys.  I still contend that if their teacher Ms. Shannon was there, the boys would have towed the line.  After the juniors received their certificate, it was the seniors turns.   

 At this point, it was time for the rest of the classes to join the big kids for some songs.  Although Josh knows all the songs they sing routinely, this was the first time that I ever saw him participate with his buddies. 
 After the program, it was downstairs for some treats before we headed to Cajun Sno with the Martins for some shaved ice.  We are sad to see most of Josh's buddies move on but he is going to have a great year in Ms. LeAnn's class as a senior.  With only five kids in the class, they are going to get to do lots of fun activities and go on at least one field trip per month.


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