Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve

We packed a lot in over a short time on Christmas Eve.  We wanted to get home in time for the 5 o'clock service so we headed out of Cole Camp right about 9 am.  I was hoping the whole time that Josh would nap and he did finally fall asleep about the time we hit Mayflower so I guess it is safe to say he got in a cat nap.  We got home in time for me to get in a quick run and then for us all to get ready for church service.  The kids got to sing a song and it was clear that Josh's Sunday school class must have practiced more because he knew more words than Emma.  We couldn't really hear them over the band but they sure did look cute.  When we got home, the kids spread their reindeer food (left by Doodle) on the lawn and then we had dinner.  After dinner, we got cookies ready for Santa, wrote a letter, watched the Grinch while sipping hot chocolate and then read Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Whether Emma and Josh were tired at this point, their Mom sure was.  After the book, it was off to bed so Santa could visit our house.

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