Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Polar Express 2013

The 20th was really a busy day between Josh's program, Emma's party and then we were off to Branson for a ride on the Polar Express at 4:45 pm.  This year we did reserved seating, which is so worth the extra money.  We had our own reserved table and got served hot chocolate in real mugs that we got to take home.  Josh was a little concerned beforehand about the bobos and his response when Emma first spotted the bobo was priceless.  They had their backs to him when he entered the train car and the kids were enjoying their cookies and cocoa.  I was just about to start recording on my phone when Emma turned and noticed the bobo.  She announced this to Josh and his reaction was to cover his cookie.  He then went so far as to wrap it up in a napkin and hide it until the bobo was gone.  The bobo ended up sitting down next to Emma and thought she was pretty funny.  The kids were so excited to see Santa and are looking forward to next year.

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