Monday, December 9, 2013

Louisville Day 1

Since there did not seem to be a resolution to the furlough coming soon, Josh and I decided to pack up and head to Louisville for a few days.  I had never made the drive but as it turns out, it is a really easy drive and I have to say that my passenger was a great companion.  Both coming and going, we made quick stops for lunch and one other stop to use the restroom and get gas.  On the way back, he didn't even want to get out of the car for lunch but the driver sure did.  We arrived in around 8 hours with the stops.  The first morning, we visited the Louisville Zoo before the rain moved in; since it was close to Halloween, the zoo was totally decorated.  One area was decorated like Oz and Josh wanted to know if it was for Ozzie Smith.  Brad has his well-trained.  The gorillas were so cool.  They have a set of photos that you can show the gorillas.  There was one right next to the glass and for every photo, he started rapping at the glass.  This indicated that he wanted a new one.  Turns out, he knocked right away for each photo because he was a little bored with the choices. 

After the zoo and lunch, we headed over to see G.G. and then went to Carolyn's house to hang out with the kids and have dinner.  Josh enjoyed playing in the backyard with the boys.  I loved finally getting to meet Libby and Katelyn.  They are the sweetest little girls.

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